Trying to watch Pocahontas but it just makes me so angry

Gonna be a lot of black in my wardrobe to balance out these #Barbie pink nails. #secretlylovingit #buttoobright


Tell ‘em Dutch!

backstage @ jean paul gaultier // spring 2012

backstage @ jean paul gaultier // spring 2012

backstage @ jean paul gaultier // spring 2012

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This fucking woman

hell yea


This fucking woman

hell yea


This fucking woman

hell yea


This fucking woman

hell yea



This fucking woman

hell yea


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OKAY SO the rules to this game are, if you’re tagged, you do the following (you know, if you want to):

1. Answer the 11 questions I am about to make up

2. Tag some people and then yeah make up questions for them to answer 123 GOOOO

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1. Last time you felt truly at ease?

My last day in Paris when I was shopping. It was the first time on the trip I wasn’t worried about keeping a schedule or listening to students complain about each other AND I was alone IN PARIS…. been a big ball of stress since I got back.

2. What do you do when you’re “bored”?

Sleep, I never get enough rest. If I cant sleep I resort to Netflix and knitting.

3. Last thing you laughed really hard at?

My boyfriend singing along to a Boondocks episode when Tom got kicked out of the house and did a random music video to Usher’s “Burn”

4. Thoughts on Oprah?

I don’t really have any, she’s successful. Good for Oprah. My sister hates her though.

5. Fondest childhood memory?

Up until I was in middle school my grandma ran a daycare center out of her house. I’d say being a tiny little thing doing marble paintings and playing in shaving cream on the patio or playing in the sandbox in the back yard. Possibly riding around in my pink barbie jeep in the backyard with my little sister.

6. Best trip/vacation and deets?

Paris. It was my first time out of the country and my first time on a plane and I saw so many beautiful things. The museums were unreal and the monuments (Notre Dame, the Basilica, ect.) were even better. 

7. What you were last stressed about?

money/school/financial aid

8. Have any interesting dreams (sleep dreams, not aspirations…)?

I always have interesting dreams. I’m a weird dreamer. I think most recently my cousin and I were ghosts but everyone knew we were ghosts and we kind of just wandered around my old high school that was somehow also a mall being weird.

9. Favorite dessert?

Brownie and chocolate chip cookie bar. Warm topped with ice cream.

10. When I say Ronald Reagan, what do you think?

Huey from The Boondocks calling him the devil because I was just watching The Boondocks.

11. What’s your dream job?

Designer of my own line. Not a huge one just big enough that I can make enough money to live better than I am now. If someone would pay me to be by myself in a room sewing amazing dresses and such that would be nice too.

Okay so hopefully someone does this and my questions dont suck…. ruinedin84 amatwa redvelvetlola adykeswardrobe

1. Most memorable childhood outfit/piece of clothing?

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

3. Who was/is your 1990s role model?

4. Favorite n*sync/backstreet boys song? (If you have one)

5. How do you de-stress?

6.  Are there any words you catch yourself saying often ( I tend to say rad/tits/fuck and bro a lot)?

7. What song gets stuck in your head that you wish wouldn’t?

8. Place you would recommend visiting?

9. Who is someone you would die to see in concert?

10. If you were a piece of candy what would you be? why? 

11. What animal describes your life?


I might freak out this time too but to be fair I was probably also drunk at the last time..

I have agreed to go on a vacation with my work friends this summer…. One week with my crazy basic ass Penney’s ladies in Virginia Beach (which will only be referred to as “Vagina Beach” in reference to this trip) and its timed to be mid semester when I will for sure need a break.

…Ashley will you give me swimming lessons before I go?


Salt N Peppa

I got these awesome curtains today and I’m going to make some beautiful hippie clothing with them.

#tbt to my dreadlock days 🙊


Lisa :]


How I think I look today even though I’m laying in bed unshowered

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Here’s a crazy thing my mom said today: “Just don’t like anyone. Can’t your activities keep you busy? You don’t have to have feelings for anyone.”

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t actually work like that.